Hi, I'm Ashleigh! Just call me Ash. I'm a frugal fashionista with a very relaxed dress code, so I am all about "real wear" #ootd's. Come see how you can dress chic on the cheap, and maybe hear a bit about my day-to-day life, my kids, Lou and Logo, also my cat Zoey and my dog Parker! Thanks for stopping by!


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Back (to work) in black!

Today was my 1st day at my new job and I had a dilemma. What do I wear?
It's a SUPER casual office, jeans and tees with sneakers are normal. However; it is my first day so I want to make a good impression. Futhermore, I can tend to dress in loud colors or prints, so I wanted my bold personality to be the focus instead of my wardrobe.
The answer to my problem? BLACK, of course!


I'm not really a "yellow" person. My skin has yellow to it, so too much yellow and I look sallow and green. However, I couldn't resist this yellow camp shirt from Goodwill! It's such a light linen, crisp yet soft. It looks good tied up or tucked in (but not half-tucked, daughter vetoed that.) I decided to style it with my highwaist & cuffed "Mom" shorts, an oldie but goodie colorful leather belt with belt bag(aka a fanny pack) as well as my custom spiked crystal drop necklace, hoops, and flat espadrilles. Since its summer I'm not wearing much makeup. I felt pretty and breezy, what more can you ask for?

Top: Goodwill, $3.29

Belt: Gap Outlet, .75

Belt Bag: Shein, $6.99

Shorts: Just Fab, $10.

Shoes: Dolce Vita NWT @Goodwill, $7.99 and I believe half off on top of that. 

Hoops: Burlington Coat Factory, $3.

Necklace: Custom Fenno Fashion, $35.

So many blog ideas!

I have been pondering different content ideas for the blog and I think I've found a few recurring themes that I will probably post in the future. Here are my ideas:
  • The $25 by Chloe Wen thrift challenge. This is where I would attempt to create an entire outfit (including accessories like bags/shoes) for under $25 from the thrift store. I thought I could change it up as well and style other people like my Mom or boyfriend, as well as have them attempt to style me for under $25 as well.
  • What I'm giving away to the thrift store/selling on Poshmark. Items I am choosing to part with and why.
  • How to sell on Poshmark/storage/thrifting for Poshmark.
  • Poshmark hauls. (I am a frequent seller/buyer.)
  • Thrift flips. Taking thrifted items and re purposing them. 
What do you think? Is this the kind of content you would like to see? I'm aiming to keep this blog on the thriftier side, as I am life.

Stay thrifty!

Thrift tips!

I, personally, have been KILLING it at Goodwill recently. I've spent about $200 total at Goodwill in the last three trips, ending up with over 60 items of summer clothes and shoes. SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN RETAIL. I found more than enough summer items for my children and myself, and so much Adidas that I ended up offering some to my cousin and selling a few pieces on Poshmark.

You too can have the same luck with some simple tips:

Hauling my ass off! Adidas+Nike+Catalina+ Lularoe+Calvin Klein+ Dolce Vita! SO MUCH athleisure #2

I have another epic athleisure haul for y'all today! I know I JUST hauled basically the same stuff for you here last week, but what can I say? I likes what I likes. And what I likes is Adidas, athleisure, Goodwill, and deals. Oh boy, did I get some DEALS.
You see, today was Goodwill's half-off day. Everything 50%, NO EXCEPTIONS! YASSSS THRIFT GODS! I took this opportunity to scout for more family-friendly/budget family finds.

Thrift flip: patio set edition.

Allow me to walk you through revamping my tired, mismatched patio set!
This is it to begin with:

EPIC ATHLEISURE THRIFT HAUL! SO MUCH Adidas+Nike+Victoria's Secret and more!

My family is an Adidas family. It's what I buy for the kids for their shoes for school, and I personally own about 4 pairs of Adidas sneakers. They're just SO well made! Their clothing is also well made, but so expensive when my kids are changing sizes and growing every time I blink. Enter: Goodwill.